Couples Counseling

Next Step Counseling offers counseling for relationship difficulties for couples and individuals. Many times there are parts about your relationship that you love and parts that you are unsatisfied with. Do you stay or do you go? Can these difficult areas be worked past?

Relationship difficulties happen for many reasons: communication styles, life values, religion, arguments, sexual compatibility, substance use, or decisions on whether to have children. The next step in moving past your relationship difficulties, which may be causing you to feel anxious, disappointed, depressed or confused, is to help you sort through your conflicts that are keeping you from taking action, expressing how you feel, identifying your needs and non-negotiables, connecting on a deeper level and making decisions. We will take the time to learn what you are struggling with individually or as a couple in your relationship and help you work through and decide if this is the right one for you!

We specialize in helping individuals and couples navigate:

  • Adjustment to living together, engagement or marriage
  • Relationship uncertainty
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce recovery
  • Emotional intimacy, conflict and communication
  • Sex therapy for improved sexual intimacy
  • Relationship struggling with substance use and addictions recovery
  • as well as Premarital Counseling

*LGBTQ friendly Counseling Center.