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Breakup & Divorce Recovery and Date Coaching

We’ve all been in that horrible place when a relationship ends, we’re wondering how to get over a heartbreak and we’re left questioning if what we had was real. You’re hurting and grieving the loss of your relationship and wishing you could just “get over it”. But breakups and divorces come with difficult thoughts and feelings including depression, confusion, anger, fears about the future, anxiety, changes in our identity and even physical pain that take time to heal. If you’re having thoughts like, “Why can’t I get over my breakup?” we are the perfect place for you.

We will meet you where you are at in your breakup or divorce recovery process and provide you with supportive counseling based on your strengths while helping you gain insight and tools to better manage thoughts and emotions in order to transition faster and with less pain.

When you’re ready, we also provide coaching to singles to explore the process of dating and the overwhelming world of online dating. As Dating Coaches, we’ll help you:

  • Date smarter by clarifying what you are looking for and how to find it
  • Create improved boundaries in dating
  • Identify past unhelpful relationship patterns
  • Improve communication
  • Identify your love languages and attachment style
  • Clarify deal-breakers and negotiables when looking for a life partner

With dating coaches, dating smarter doesn’t have to be such a negative or overwhelming experience.